Thursday, April 23, 2009

Federal Government Images Search with Rollyo

I love the idea of creating my VERY OWN SEARCH ENGINE! I hate the idea of having to maintain that search engine. So, here is my very own search engine created using Rollyo.

For the most part, images found on Federal Government sites are in the Public Domain. For the most part. Not always. If you find an image you want to use on a Government site check carefully for a copyright or a statement say explicitly the images are in the Public Domain. When you use the image always give credit to the site and the Photographer.

Rolly has let me group these sites into one complete search saving me the trouble of having to remember and go to each specific site. What a time saver.

Here is the only problem I see with Rollyo. You are limited to the the top level domain only. This means you are searching whole sites and not specifically within each site. For some government agencies this is adequate. For others you will get a whole lot of stuff you don't want just to find the stuff you do.

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