Wednesday, April 22, 2009

27 Things Lifelong Learning: Problems or Challenges?

MacGyver. The name conjures bad hair and innovation. Back when I watched TV MacGyver was one of my favorite shows. I will admit having a mullet, but my hair was thick and brown then, not thin and grey, like now. I learned a lot from this show. Bad guys are essentially stupid. They were always after MacGyver, and they would always catch him. Then, just to show how smart they were, they would toss him in room, a shed, a warehouse, anywhere, and lock the door. MacGyver would look around at all the useless stuff and make something to help him, and the girl, to escape. For a guy who hated guns he sure knew ballistics, how to make, and use a gun. MacGyver was my kind of guy (hyperbole). Except, he knew science.

I do like to figure out solutions to nit-picky problems. I like to think, although I know it’s not true, the term "gerry-rigged" was coined because of one of my innovations. Okay, I'm dreaming. But, I did live in Germany for three years. Some problems are not nit-picky. They require a lot more finesse and knowledge. Solutions to these problems and challenges may take a long time to develop. For me they need to take awhile to percolate through my unsaturated brain-cells to a place where I can actually do something reasonable. That stuff I start I like to finish.

Many problems need outside help. It's harder for me to ask for help than it is for me to just figure it out. But, the best source of information for any problem is, more than likely, the person sitting or standing next to you. Help is a phone call (soon, a tweet) away. Remember, you're not stuck in a dingy out-building full of rusty stuff with a bunch of bad-guys threatening you. Libraries have solutions to most problems and challenges.

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