Friday, November 20, 2009

April 22, 1942

The California State Personnel Board suspended all persons of Japanese descent from working for the State of California on April 21, 1942. At the same time all of the Japanese living within a 400 mile section of the California coast were ordered relocated by 13 Exclusion Orders affecting almost 13,000 people. The deadline for relocation from coastal areas was May 1.

Ironically, all Japanese suspended from State employment had a right to reply to the formal charges (of being Japanese in the United States?) within ten days and then participate in a formal hearing. The reason for these formal hearings were to "obviate all possible Fifth Column activity." Fifth Column activity includes clandestine activity from within a country meant to help an invading military force overthrow the host country.

Losing work was the first step in the exclusion of the Japanese. Next, they would lose their homes, farms, crops, and animals, and businesses. Finally, they were separated from the rest of the community and sent to Relocation Centers. In the Bay area, the relocation of persons was so large five more assembly centers were requisitioned. Places used for assembling before final relocation included fair grounds and race tracks.

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