Friday, July 10, 2009

20 years

Today is a milestone.

20 years ago, one month after graduating from San Jose State University, I began working as an on-call Librarian at the Carmichael Library. Back then I worked for Sacramento County.

We had computer catalogs running off CD-ROMs. How many of you remember CLSI? A command based computer system to check out books, search holdings and send messages for priorities. There was no scrolling backward if the message went off the screen.

I had to dig deep to remember CLSI. (Actually, I didn't remember the name of the system. I had to ask someone who was here at that time.) We've come a long way since those days.

We used 386's. Dial-up modems were 28k. Dialog was expensive. My hair was brown.

Gerald F. Ward

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  1. Yeah, at that time, CD-ROMs were the last word in library technology. Couldn't get any better!