Friday, May 1, 2009

27 Things: Tags, Blogs and Words

Think about the word "word." You had to use words to think about this word. For thousands of years people have been writing words to record their thoughts, accomplishments, imaginations, philosophies and theologies, and what to buy at the market. People used stone and animal skins, papyrus, parchments, paper, and now electronic code. Isn't writing a code, though, a code known by those taught the code, or disciplined and trained to break codes. Words, writing, talking, communicating complex thoughts are evidence of intelligence and reason, and the ability to make decisions based upon some kind of logic and morality. The fact we can know logic, mathematics, music, have grammer and a syntax, and and that we have books, is utterly astounding.

In 2008, according to Technorati 133 Million blog records indexed by them, 76,000 blogs with them. This is not all the blogs out there. Most blogs are created and have a single post, then abandoned. Many people create more than one blog with the intention of writing, but don't. For those who do post to their blog, the best word to describe them is "proliforate." They write a lot.

It was barely hundreds of years ago only the educated elite could read or write. Books were hand-written and copies by hand. Expensive. The printing press changed life. Books and magazines proliferated. And they were not expensive but affordable. Many people could read and write. The Internet changed life again. The way we write is changing. The way we communicate is not changing. We still use words, or groups of letters and symbols which mean something people understand. Or, maybe they don't understand some of the stuff we send to each other, post on a blog, tweet, chat, text.

We have books, blogs, music, essays, posts, fiction, poetry, non-fiction, history, current events, magazines, newspapers, clouds, e-zines, mashups, video games, images, pictures, tunes, tags, subjects, audio, literature, pod-casts, rss, Intranet, web, haiku, ring-tones, articles, listserves, hack, net-working, links, software, history, script, intranet, e-cards, e-books, avitar, e-mail, photoshopped, gaming, print-on-demand, encryption, subscribe, anime, browser, code, cyberspace, cybersquatting, second life, gadgets, emoticons, luddites , mouse, FAQs

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