Wednesday, April 29, 2009

27 Things: A Motivational Moment

A Motivational Moment

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Are we going to try to organize the Internet? Delicious is one place that tries to organize chaos. It's called a "social bookmarking manager" and allows everyone who uses it to share those sites they want to keep track of. There are other sites we have explored with 27 Things that claim to do similiar actions.

I have decided to not use Delicious. Signing up required me to keep track of just one too many passwords. I know there are ways, tips and tricks, to keep track of the many passwords and PINs, and I know them. But, I just don't want to. After reading the "Beginners Guide" and "Several Habits of wildly successful Delicious users" I decided I would be better served learning how to search Google or other search engines more efficiently than emerse myself in my own, and other peoples, bookmarks and tags. Delicious is a free-form database where anyone in the world can enter data to be shared with everyone in the world. Too much information about too many things. I encourage Librarians to learn about and use databases. This may be a good one for some to use. I have other ways of organizing information.

The above image was captured at Clear Lake, using a Konica-Minolta Z-10 in 2007. Early Fall morning.

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  1. i feel that way, also. i always think that if i were a "better" librarian that I could always create a perfectly relevant search using a standard search engine like google. what i do notice, when comparing my search skills to non-librarians, is that i take for granted the search skills i do have. most people don't search like us!