Thursday, June 25, 2009

27 Things: Thingfo

I have lost track of how many Internet sites I've sign up for. I've been using the same login and password for all these sites. Thingfo demanded I change my password slightly. Naturally, I went for the Free version, which means I needed to do all the stuff myself.

I didn't start asking myself questions until after I had started designing a widget. One of my passions is photography. Thingfo lets me search Flickr. A Thingfo Flickr widget sounded appropriate. Sometimes I jump into a technological project without doing much study before hand. If it's fairly easy and intuitive I can usually fly through. The easier it is the happier I am the more I will use it.

Sorry, Thingfo. You failed the ease of use and intuitive tests.

Every time I changed my widget Thingfo kicked me out. I had to go back through multiple steps to get to my widget. A couple of times doing this and I didn't want to play any more. I think I'll use Rollyo, instead.

I did look at some of the feature of Thingfo. I don't think its strength is finding images but words, text, audio, video. It's a "social" site, not a "searching" site.

I'm happy for those who like Thingfo. Maybe some day.

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