Tuesday, May 19, 2009

27 Things: Zoho Writer

I would like to open a conversation, in the interests of Professional Development, about what a Professional Librarian looks like. I'm not interested in the stereotypical stuffed shirt with no sense of humor. Nor the hair-up-in-a-bun-with-finger-raised-to-lips-shushing Librarian. I'm interested in short descriptions of what a Librarian does, how they do it, why they do it. The where and when part is self-explanatory, unless you really want to write about it.

To do this I am going to open a shared document in Zoho Writer (one of the 27 Things, you know) and figure out how to share it with those who want to participate. This will involve e-mailing me at the address posted in the margin of this blog. Look left, everyone. This way I can add you to the shared documents list.

I have one restriction. 250 words. When you add to the document you must limit your thoughts to 250 words or less. Add or respond to one point at a time and do so in 250 words or less. You can add as many times as you want, but I want you to limit your thoughts on each subject or idea to 250 words or less.

This is going to be hard for some.

[Please note, passage of time.]

So, I've tried to get Zoho to work and am stymied by the slowness of our system. Meanwhile, if Zoho doesn't want to work, I'll try Google documents. Either way, I want this discussion to start.

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  1. Yeah, what's with the slowness, anyway? It was really bad yesterday. Have you had any takers for your challenge?