Tuesday, May 26, 2009

27 Things: Video from Sacramento Digital Stories

California of the Past is a California State Library grant program designed to encourage Libraries to capture stories about people who live in the areas they serve. In 2007/2008 Sacramento Public Library received a grant to record digital stories about the Sacramento area. These stories may be found at Sacramento blip.tv. I haven't found these videos on YouTube.

In 1973 I photographed a community of abandoned migrant farm worker's shacks near my home. After becoming a Librarian I searched the Library of Congress American Memory Collection and discovered a series of Dorothea Lange photographs, taken in 1936, of the American River Camp, one of the places where migrant farm workers lived while in Sacramento County. These photographs have been combined with quotations and narrative from the Library of Congress and a California Document entitled Migratory Labor in California.

My photographs taken with an Argus C3 using Kodak Tri-X film.

The American River Camp

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  1. Roseville Public did this, too. I'll take a look at SPL's.