Wednesday, May 13, 2009

27 Things: The SPL-Learning Sandbox

When I was child I played in the sand. It wasn't until I was an adult, with children, that I realized what that meant.

"Sand costs How much?"
"Shake your cloths out before coming in side!"
"Leave the sand IN THE SANDBOX!"
"If you don't remember to cover that box every cat in the neighborhood will find it."
Cats? Cool!
"No! Not cool! They'll use it as a bathroom!"
So, I went to play in the SPL-Learning Sandbox. I'm not very creative today so I just added some text and a couple of links. (Ho Hum.) I've also added the SPL Underground Librarian Blog to the Staff Blogs page.

If you look hard, kind of like looking for Waldo, you will find Sacramento Public Library listed in the Sacramento Wiki Room under the Wireless Hotspots. SPL also made it to one of the Mystery Picture spots on the Frontpage. We were a Previous ... Mystery Picture as of 5-13-2009. I get extra credit for this. At least half extra credit. I still have to add a library page and blog it. I'm working on it.

My thoughts about SPL using a Wiki, and actually accomplishing something, will come at some undetermined time in the future.

[Horse tie down on I Street outside the Sacramento Public Library central branch - Photo by RogerClark]

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