Friday, April 10, 2009

Flickr and Empire Mine

Flickr is one of my favorite sites. Since I have a minor in Photography, albiet from long ago, I love seeing how others capture images. I'm not so interested in pictures which have been manipulated by a photo-editor as I am by the technical expertise and talent needed to capture the original image.

Here are some images I took of Empire Mine, California, near Grass Valley, a couple of years ago. Some of them look like I'm leaning or tilting left. An anomoly I haven't quite explained to myself yet.

Just out side the mine. I used to see these way back in the 60's as we drove across the country from one duty station to another.

I think I'll change my picture to this one. I'd kinda like to have this office.

On the grounds.

Leading up from the reflecting pool.

Leading down to the reflecting pool.

The reflecting pool.

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  1. you, leaning or tilting left? :)i remember when you took those photos!